Lucy Arellano photo

Lucy Arellano

Director of Asset Building Programs, MEDA

Lucy Arellano oversees MEDA’s Asset Building Programs division which includes integrated, direct services in the areas of: Financial Capability, Business Development, Workforce Development, Housing Opportunities (Pre and post purchase, foreclosure prevention, and rental), and Taxes; as well as the Adelante Fund small business loan product. Prior to joining MEDA, Lucy's professional experience includes over 5 years developing, managing, and evaluating large scale community programs, teams of 5 to 25 staff, multi-million dollar budgets, and contract and grant oversight. Lucy Arellano has worked in public, private, and non-profit sectors with intentional emphasis on supporting disadvantaged communities. Lucy is particularly passionate about asset building and empowerment programs for immigrant, homeless, and re-entry populations. As an immigrant from Mexico, Lucy understands first-hand the need for creative barrier removal solutions for low-to-moderate income families to access financial capability, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities. In Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, Lucy led federally contracted community programs for individuals navigating active immigration proceedings. At Rubicon Programs in West Contra Costa County, Lucy designed a HUD funded rental assistance program largely benefiting homeless domestic violence survivors. Also at Rubicon, Lucy led the AB109 and Second Chance re-entry workforce development programs. Lucy’s programmatic concentrations pertain to process analysis, program design, service integration, and professional development. Lucy holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington, Seattle in Law, Societies, and Justice.